Arrived in Michigan

We started our journey to Michigan on May 15. We have now arrived safely in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We did not plan our trip out day by day, but took it one day at a time. We were in no hurry, yet it took us a bit longer than we expected. We encountered a snow storm in Wyoming, which closed down the main highway we were traveling on. So we got stuck in Wyoming for about a day and a half, not being able to go anywhere. Thankfully we found a hotel we could stay in, while it was snowing heavily. Now we are here and are trying to acclimate ourselves to Michigan.

We are moving!!

We have some exciting things to share with you!

For the past few weeks Dominic’s health has greatly improved. He no longer has abdominal pain nor uncomfortable or upsetting pain in his intestines. We believe that the Lord himself in his mercy has brought healing to him. Dominic is giving God all the glory and is being thankful for carrying him through this valley of darkness and for restoration in his body. Also, he is convinced, that the Lord has heard all the faithful prayers of yours. Thank you all so much!
Even though he is feeling a lot better, he can tell that he is not back to his full physical strength. This past year and a half has obviously taken a physical toll on him and he has lost a lot of weight including muscle. Also his stamina and endurance suffered. So, please be praying with us for full strength in his body.

Also, after much prayer and listening to the Lord, we have decided to move our family to Switzerland! We believe that this is what the Lord has for us next and He has been faithful to open doors, speak to us, and bring confirmation, that we should go there. However, before we go, we head to Michigan to be with April’s family and make preparations to move to Switzerland. Just over two weeks ago, the flight school where Dominic and April both worked, closed their doors and ceased operations. In short, we lost our jobs. This came as a shock, however, we believe it was the Lord prodding us to start making our move. So, we are hoping to sell most of our possessions over the next several weeks and start our journey to Michigan near the end of May. We are very excited for this next adventure the Lord has for our family!

God bless