Our new home

On the final day of 2017 we boarded a plane bound for Switzerland. On the first day of 2018 we arrived and started this new year in a new place that we would call ‘home’. Our first couple of weeks here were spent with Dominic’s parents, getting over jet lag and the flu. Double bummer. We then moved to our new apartment in Biberen, Switzerland. This is a very small village just outside of Bern.

I’m sure you all have tons of questions and I hope I can answer some of them here!

Our apartment is attached to a friend’s home, so we are very close to people who love, care and help us with any needs we have. Our family and friends here collected a bunch of household supplies for us, so although we came with practically nothing, we have enough to make the day to day things work. We heat mostly with a wood stove which is something new for us and has taken a little bit of time getting used to, but we are feeling pretty comfortable with it now. It’s been a mild winter, so there is not a lot of snow where we live and what we do get, melts pretty quickly.
Our apartment (on the left)

Since arrival Dominic has been extremely busy getting us settled. There has been a lot of paperwork, phone calls, meetings, home repairs, etc. that he has had to take care of alone because April doesn’t speak the language yet. She and the girls are practicing daily and understanding a little bit more as each day goes by, but it will take a lot more time for them to really feel comfortable using Swiss German primarily.

April has started school back up with the girls which is going well. We hope soon to be involved with other homeschooling families in the area. This will also help with learning the language. The girls are enjoying life here and doing their best to play with other kids even though there is a language barrier. Play is universal!

Please pray that Dominic would find the right job for our family. Also, pray for April and the girls that they would be able to learn the language quickly and that we would all settle in well. Dominic has spent the past 12 years in America, so this is different for him, too.

We are very happy to be here and are looking forward to all that the Lord has for us here in Switzerland!
Biberen BE

Summer in Michigan

What an incredible summer we have had!

You last heard from us that we had arrived in Michigan and were beginning to settle into life here. We have spent countless hours with family and friends catching up on life and enjoying this season of being near to them. Our summer has been filled with trips to the zoo, picnics in the park, barbeques, play dates, and beach adventures. And, although we have had a lot of fun, we have also been working hard.


Dominic has been working part time for Michigan Screen and Window. He has been enjoying this opportunity and is seeing his strength return steadily over the summer. His health is almost fully restored and we are hopeful for complete health and strength to return. On top of this, Dominic has been working very hard to make preparations and plans for our move to Switzerland. We’ve all needed to get new passports which resulted in Dominic and April having to take a trip to New York City to the Swiss Embassy for Dominic to apply for his passport. We spent 5 days away, 3 of them in New York City, so we ended up getting to see some of the sights and enjoyed some time together without our kids. 

We are currently awaiting for April’s visa and then we can start talking about a date for our move. In the meantime we are discussing what life will look like in Switzerland. April is taking German lessons from a friend. We are, once again, going through our possessions to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Dominic is looking for a job and a car in Switzerland.

Sofia has finished 1st grade, but we have not started the current school year yet. Swiss homeschooling laws are much more strict than in the United States, so we are reading up on how we will have to school this year while in Switzerland. Amelia is very excited to start Kindergarten and asks to start almost every day. Zoe loves to “read” and is in the middle of toilet training. 

As the fall starts to settle in here in Michigan, we are anticipating the big season change in our own lives. If you feel led, please pray that our move would go smoothly and we would transition with grace; that Dominic would find a good job and that April and the girls would learn the language quickly.